Reclining Garden Furniture for a Supported Back and Neck

As a follow-up to our article on all weather garden furniture, we decided to look into which type of outdoor chair would be the most comfortable and supportive for those with a bad back.

Mertola 2 Seater Reclining Duo Rattan Bistro Set in Cappuccino

Dealing With Back Pain When Sitting Outside

As you may know this can be a debilitating issue when left unchecked, as chronic back discomfort can lead to distractions and pain when you’re trying to enjoy your spare time, resulting in a lower standard of living and often depression as a result.

You may have consulted with your doctor about the medical solutions, however a lot of these can be based around taking pain killers, which don’t solve the underlying cause of your pain.

While sitting on outdoor chairs during a family BBQ, you will often be in the same position for a long time, enjoying some BBQ food, drinking, and chatting into the long hours of the evening. All of this time spent in a static position can make your back cease up and cause a lot of pain, which is why it’s important to look for a chair that both supports the back of your neck, and your lumbar spine.

A High Backed Reclining Garden Chair – Supportive and Adjustable for Back Pain

We have found through the people we have interviewed on this issue, that choosing a garden chair with a high back that also reclines, is the best solution for long-term back pain. Allowing your head to rest back seems to properly align your spine, keeping you in a more neutral position, and preventing you from hunching over in an unnatural and damaging sitting position.

After browsing the local and national websites for a solution to this, we found the reclining garden furniture from Garden Centre Shopping UK to be the best value for money, that comes with all the features discussed above (reclining back, high backrest, cushions included).

Non-Rocking/Rocking & Reclining Bistro Set in Latte D106
Example of the reclining angle from the chairs at

Why You Should Choose a Rattan Recliner

While you might have a few different options of which chair material to use, I recommend you choose synthetic rattan.

This is a modern type of rattan, not the type of furniture made from the plant that you may have been familiar with. This rattan is made from plastic strands, which are woven around a metal frame.

The benefits of rattan are a naturally cushioned seat due to the give in the woven plastic.

You should always choose a garden recliner that’s weatherproof, so it can survive the weather outside. Weatherproof rattan garden furniture consists of an aluminium frame that won’t rust, and UV stabilized rattan weave that won’t rot or fade in the sun.

Best Types of Reclining Rattan Garden Furniture Sets

Here are my favourite types of reclining rattan furniture products:

  • Reclining sun loungers
  • Reclining garden chairs
  • Patio table and chair sets
  • Reclining garden chairs
  • Lounge chairs with extra thick cushions for added comfort
  • Grey coloured 2-seater bistro sets
  • Rattan dining sets
  • Day beds
  • Parasols
  • Garden sofa sets
  • Egg chairs
  • Rattan armchairs with footstools
  • Rocking chairs
  • Deck chairs
  • Recliner zero gravity chairs
  • High backed garden chairs with glass topped side tables
  • Recliners with footrests and cushions

You should always look for a product that offers free delivery and payment online.


Note this article should not be taken as scientifically-backed research, and all opinions expressed are just that – opinions. You should consult your doctor before looking for solutions to your back pain, and we will not be held responsible for the repercussions of our advice on this issue.

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