All Weather Garden Furniture for your home

Let’s be honest, not everyone wants to spend hours and hours sanding down that old wooden bench, just to have to repeat the process 3 months later after it’s rotted away and become grey with the weather!

That’s why many gardeners are now turning to all weather garden furniture, in an attempt to save themselves some time on this annoying garden chore.

We spoke to the experts at Garden Centre Shopping, to discover why they believe that customers are now turning to this new technique of garden furniture.

“To be honest Stephen, we’ve noticed this for a while now. It seems like in every walk of life, people are trying to save themselves some time, and so their garden is no different. People are looking for any way to make their lives easier, and so turning from wood to rattan or Winawood makes a lot of sense, and we for one are embracing the idea.” Matt from Gardencentreshopping, 5th January 2017.

What type of garden furniture can you choose from? We’ll be going over the most weatherproof materials and the best option for an all weather set in your garden next.

Update 21st June 2017 – You can also see our article on reclining garden furniture for back pain here.

Winawood Garden Furniture

What is Winawood?

It’s a material that looks like wood, but is made from compressed plastics and polystyrene, creating a polymer that doesn’t rot, warp or go brittle when left outside.

What types of Winawood are available?

This type of furniture is available in a range of benches, chairs, dining sets, and coffee or bistro style assemblies.

What are the best Winawood stockists?

You can find one at your local garden centre usually, for example Sapcote Garden Centre in Leicester has the largest selection in the country.

Or alternatively for an online supplier, we recommend the guys at Garden Centre Shopping, you can find more info about their range here:

Rattan Garden Furniture

All weather rattan furniture is the most durable option for your garden. However it does have the downside of being quite harsh in appearance, and so may not fit into a more traditional garden design.

What is all weather rattan made of?

An aluminium frame is essential, as this doesn’t rust and so can survive the snow, rain and ice. UV stabilised synthetic rattan is also a must, as this has been treated to not fade, rot, or break in the suns UV rays.

What rattan is available online?

You can find a range of chairs, reclining sets, dining sets, rocking chairs, rattan sofa sets, and many more on the internet. Your best bet is to search for “all-weather rattan” on Google.

We recommend that if you’re in the UK, you buy your all weather garden furniture from Garden Centre Shopping.