The Student Transition from School to University

If you are worrying about the best way to transition between different parts of your student lives, then here is a quick guide with recommendations along the way,

Moving Through School

As you grow up through the years at school, you will become ever more comfortable with your ability and your friendship group. It’s a great time to experiment with hobbies, such as sports, to help find out what you’re really good at.

But it can also be a difficult period of change for young people.

If you are ever having dark thoughts or sadness during school and you’re worried about it, then don’t suffer in silence, talk to someone (even if it’s just a family friend or loved one). You can also find out more about mental health here:

6th Form and College Years

This is the time when you’re often the senior member of a school, and this can help with confidence. However you will also have the added pressure of important exams that can decide your whole future, and so it’s important to get the balance right between work and play.

Often people who cruise through the GCSE exams will not be able to do so at A Level, and so putting in the extra work is very important.

Moving To University – The Big Change

When you get your UCAS results, you’re more than likely going to University!

There is no doubt in most students mind, that University represents a massive change in the way they will live their lives. Unless you’ve stayed at home and commute into your local city, you will most likely me living in halls of residents, which will represent a shock to students, especially those without any siblings!

There are some great resources on how to cope with this transition, including:

Moving into 2nd Year at University

As they more into 2nd year at University, they’ll be eagerly on the lookout for great student accommodation, which will help them set a solid base for enjoying their future year at University, both in studying and partying.

This is a transition year, and will set you up either for a great or poor 3rd year of study, so it’s vitally important to get the balance right. Make sure to get to the library during the revision period, and blow off steam after exams!

Future Post Graduate Study and Qualifications

This is where real life sets in, and you have to decide how you want to live your life and what vocations your want to move forward with. Many people with decide to do a post-graduate degree or a full Masters degree in a subject or specialisation they love, which can help them get a better job in the long run.