How Grammar Schools Can Be Better For Children

Here is an introduction to the Grammar School Debate, which has been in the new recently with Theresa May stating that there will be more funding for grammar schools in the coming years.

The History of Grammar Schools

Many people believe that the grammar schools were abolished years ago, and this was true to some extent, with the majority of them being converted to state schools during the 1960’s. But there are still grammar schools in the United Kingdom, and they are still selective, but they are available for anyone to apply for.

How do you get into a Grammar School?

The application process for a grammar school is fairly long winded, but one of the most difficult parts of it is that your child will have to pass the entrance exam, often known as the 11 Plus.

This exam has two exam boards, one is GL and one is CEM, with the more recent CEM style of paper known as being more difficult to tutor for and is therefore more difficult to pass. The best way to get a good score on these tests is to start preparing early, and by purchasing 11 plus practice exam papers from companies such as 11 Plus Leap, which when included in a proper revision timetable will help your child have the confidence to ace their entrance exam.