Ilchester Primary School were awarded the award of Primary School of the Year 2009 in recognition of all the work we have done related to football over the past three seasons, including the recent successes for the year 3/4 team, girls team and 5/6 team, we have also continued to develop community links with the local village sides. We have also been awarded the Charter Standard Status for all our hard work.

Healthy school status.

We were awarded Healthy school status in the summer of 2007. For this prestigious award we had to meet the 4 following criteria.

Personal, social and health education.

For this we:

  • ·Revised our PSHE and C rationale.
  • ·Held a basic drugs awareness evening for parents and staff.

Healthy eating

Examples of some of the things we did were:

  • At KS2 we introduced a fruit tuck shop, selling fresh fruit twice a week.
  • We have recently extended this to include the sale of dried fruit on the remaining days.

Physical activity

  • We have already been awarded the “Active Quality mark.”
  • Different events have been organised to encourage physical activity, i.e.: a skipping day and visits by sports people.

Emotional health and well being.

  • The introduction at playtimes of huff puff equipment and other activities have greatly improved our playtimes for everyone.
  • Throughout the school there are reward systems to promote good behaviour and a positive work ethic i.e.: house points and green cards. We also hold an achievement assembly each week where the children’s work and achievements are celebrated.

At Ilchester, we are continually thinking of ways to develop the idea of a healthy school.

Under consideration at the moment are:

  • The possible introduction of hot school meals.
  • A “food is fun” week, with the emphasis on healthy eating.